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Joanne Barratt Joanne Barratt

About Joanne

Joanne has been a professional photographer for over 15 years. After living in Hawaii for more than a dozen years, she has returned to Southern California with her daughter, Jordyn Barratt, who provides her with regular opportunities to practice her sports photography.

For Joanne, photography is as much about people skills as it is about technical ability or a photographic eye. Before every shoot, she helps her clients decide not just what they want to capture, but how they want to capture it. What mood do they want to convey? What moment do they want to catch? During a shoot, she is skilled at helping her subjects be in the moment and lose any self consciousness they might have in front of a camera.

For commercial shoots, Joanne has a skilled eye for capturing the details that will make your products look their best. She has a team of highly-skilled professionals working with her including assistants, stylists, make-up artists, graphic designers and wordsmiths that she can incorporate into your shoot to offer you a full production, turn key shoot if that is what you need.