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Your Session

Joanne's photography sessions are island style&em;which means that they are casual, relaxed, and created just for you.

Sessions can be short or up to a full day, and can be held at your home, Joanne's studio, or just about any other location. When you book your session, Joanne will spend time talking to you about your family and your vision for the final product. She will help you make decisions about location and timing and wardrobe to achieve the look you want.

Joanne's goal is to keep you and your family comfortable and having fun throughout the session. You (or your toddler!) won't be asked to sit still, and you will never, ever say "cheese"!

A few times a year, Joanne offers quick-take sessions at her studio and other locations. If you want to be notified of these sessions, sign up for her email newsletter!

Pricing and products

All pricing packages are customized for your individual needs and budget depending on what you want to do.

Joanne offers a full range of customized products from your session, including print packages, framed wall prints, gallery prints, storyboard collages, canvas-wrapped images, photo albums, coffee table books, miniature keepsake books, and invitation and holiday cards. All products include digital enhancements to polish the image and make it look its best.

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